What's included in your Pool Package

Proline Pools

Swimming Pool Construction Specs:

1. Swimming Pool Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Screen Enclosure Engineering, Building Plans and Permit.
2. Gunite (concrete) Swimming Pool shell constructed to current Florida Building Codes or constructed above Florida Building Codes.
3. Swimming pool shell to include Entry Steps located in the shallow end of the pool. Also included is a Swim out bench located in the deep end of the pool. Location and dimensions are located on the building plans.
4. Decorative Bullnose Coping along the perimeter of swimming Pool.
5. Decorative Pool Tile along the inside perimeter of pool. (Water line)
6. Pebble Tech pool interior finish.

Swimming Pool Hydraulic System:

1. Swimming Pool Hydraulics will be engineered specifically for your pool to give optimal performance of your plumbing system.
2. Install a pool well point below swimming pool.
3. Install a pool overflow line to prevent water overflowing onto the pool deck.
4. Install surface skimmer.
5. Install twin main drain system in the bottom of the pool.
6. Install three swimming pool return ports for proper circulation of pool water.
7. Install all Main Drain and wall fittings.

Pool Deck Construction Specs:

1. Concrete Footers to be installed around the perimeter of the pool deck.
2. Two door stoops located at the exit locations of the screen enclosure.
3. Textured concrete deck with two coats of deck stain.
4. Brick Pavers installed over a concrete. Optional
5. Brick Pavers to be installed over existing Lanai area. Optional
6. Paver Deck Drain installed to allow proper drainage of pool deck.
7. 4’ X 8’ Concrete pad to be located on the side of the house for the pool equipment to be installed on. All electrical panels to also be located in this location.

Swimming Pool Equipment & Electrical Package:

1. Swimming Pool Pump. Description;
2. Swimming Pool Filter. Description;
3. Swimming Pool Chlorinator. Description;
4. Swimming Pool illumination. Description;
5. Pool light low voltage transformer.
6. Pool Light Switch located on the lanai or Remote
7. Pool Time Clock for controlled hours of operation.
8. Independent control valves for the Main Drains, Skimmer, Pool Returns.
9. Independent Electrical panel box for all pool equipment.
10. Hardwire all electrical components and bond entire Pool, Screen, Deck, Footers and equipment.
11. Install Door and window safety alarms accessing the pool area.

Aluminum Screen Enclosure Specs:

1. Aluminum Oversized gutters to be installed along house where Screen enclosure is to be attached. All corners will have deflectors for the roof valleys.
2. Mansard Screen Enclosure will be constructed to current Florida Hurricane codes or built above Florida Building Codes.
3. Install downspouts at both ends of the oversized gutters for proper water disbursement.
4. Install two aluminum doors with locks.