Proline Pools

We at Proline Pools are dedicated to bringing a higher level of construction contracting to the swimming pool industry. We are all aware of the growing concern of substandard Workmanship, Professionalism, and Business Ethics of contractors in our area. These words are not to be taken lightly! For all of us at Proline Pools they are the backbone of our success. Proline Pools does not put any time restraints on our workmanship because we believe that a quality job should not have time limits. We provide the highest quality products and installation techniques. With our continuing education practices we will always be at the top of our industry. As professionals we will continue to provide the same approach to doing business as we have been doing all along. We don't believe in high pressure tactics. Constant contact with me Robert J. Barnhart, owner and representative of Proline Pools and the homeowner is vital to the success of a quality project.

Ethics come from within a person, it defines us. We feel very strongly about protecting the homeowner against anything that is not in their best interest. We will fully disclose all information pertaining to our company as well as past customers, including sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers, licensing or any other aspect of our business you would like to know about.

Allow us the opportunity to earn your business and to prove to you that contracting does not have to be anything less than an exciting process. We look forward to doing business with you.

Proline Pools will bring you a "Higher level of Contracting Services"